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 Learning Hebrew for free in Virtual Ulpan

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What makes this site special is providing opportunity to learn Hebrew for free to everyone who has desire to learn. As ambitious as it sounds, learning Hebrew (as well as any other language) should not and will not take fortunes to pay for classes, books, exercises, etc. Yes, it is for free. Yes, it can be done. And, yes, this web site is free and will stay free forever.

Added more Verb Tables for Paal/Shlemim


So far 74 Hebrew verb tables, all of them for Binyan Paal, Shlemim/Qatol cathegory. That means, the most basic and most oftenly seen conjugation pattern, no gutturals or "disappearing" letters, just the simplest case.

You are welcome to take a peek!

Introducing Verb Tables


Introducing another long-term project to the Ulpan: the Verb Tables.

Once you've started to learn Hebrew, sooner or later you are getting to verb conjugation. Semitic grammar (either Hebrew, Arabic, or Aramaic) is very verb-centric, and verb conjugation in Hebrew is the most complex and important part of Hebrew grammar. Also, if you are going to read and understand ancient Hebrew texts, Torah scroll etc, then verb conjugation becomes even more important, because ancient Hebrew used slightly more grammatic forms than modern-day language used in Israel.

This project is still in diapers, but should develop quickly, because most materials would follow the same template. Besides the tables per se, the topic worth several articles which I'll try to put together as well.

Putting together Hebrew-101


I'm putting together new Hebrew 101 lessons -- just released second lesson.

More lessons yet to come.

Ulpan has been rebuilt!


Ulpan has been completely rebuilt!

I've rebuilt the site using almost plain PHP; this will be tougher to hack. Spamming is impossible anymore: since there was no online community growing, I've just removed all the forums and user registrations.

It will be possible though to send me email through the contact form.

And another thing: I've renamed Hebrew-101 lessons into Introduction (those were not real lessons, rather overview articles). I've started a new Hebrew-101 section though, and I have many draft materials already to be published.

Some things still need to be polished, and I'm also working on the Contact Form, but in the mean time, the newer and cleaner Ulpan is for your service. The older version of Ulpan can be found here (another, even older is here).

Follow our updates!

Have to rebuild the site


It appears, as the site becomes more popular, it becomes harder and harder to maintain it on a standard platform. The maintenance of a site which is under constant spammers attack is just consuming too much of my time; and every time I'm trying to sneak away, the site becomes unusable. Not to mention software glitches, which are resulted from either those spammers attack or just from the complexity of Drupal (my current software platform).

Site restored!


If you are visiting this site, you could notice it wasn't updated for the last year or so. I hadn't had too much time to maintain it, and, in a sence, neglected the Ulpan.

Apparently, it also was totally broken during last couple of months -- visitors only could see the front page, and nothing more! Have no idea, was it a hackers' attack or automatic update of Drupal (the site software) just messed some things up. The site was literally restored from ashes, to be precise, from a year old archive. Thanks God, nothing of value was lost.

Some updates!


Sorry for silence. Haven't updated the site for a long time, but finally got to work on it.

I did some website work here and there, improved site performance a little, and now starting to work on two next lessons.

It's going to be some explanation about the Hebrew grammar, and I haven't decided yet in which section they will go. But it looks impossible to continue giving the conversational part without explaining somewhat of the grammar.

See you all soon!


Almost forgot to mention: I've finally added search to the site!

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