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 Speak Hebrew

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Speak Hebrew

To speak a language fluently one would need to learn conversational ideomatics and commonly-used vocabulary.

Grammar constructs (even basic ones) are of less importance, if we're talking about spoken or conversational language. It's commonly known paradox, that non-skilled person sometimes have a better "sense" of foreign language and start speaking faster than hughly educated people. One need not work hard on grammar and such to actually start speaking. You'll start speaking, even if you speak wrong, and make mistakes, however, from the very beginning you start ignoring all the psychological barriers.

In this section we're going to cover conversational idioms, greetings, common situations, and so on.

We'll assume you can learn the grammar on other pages of this site, and we won't concentrate on the vocabulary, neither on morphology. Let's just talk!

At this point we only suggest reading materials; hopefully we'll be able to bring some audio materials later.

As this is only conversational class, we'll put all the words here in כתב מעורב (Mixed Writing): while the Vavs and Yods are written as in non-vocalized writing, but some of the Nikkud is also there, to ease the learning.

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