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 Thank You Dear Readers!

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Thank You Dear Readers!

There is only a couple of weeks since I've started to re-build my site and made it what it is today - and all of the sudden I'm starting to get positive feedback from visitors! That's beautiful, and it makes me feel like this site is what the people really need.

I can tell you all, my dear guests, that I really appreciate the kind words I've heard from you, and that this site will continue to grow.

Hebrew is amazing language, it has a unique history, and also has a unique usage as the original language of the Holy Scriptures. It's also the only language in the world that has was revived.

Hebrew belongs to the family of Semitic languages, which have a unique "pattern" morphology. This makes it a pure joy to learn for people with analytical mind; while people with a scholastic mind will probably enjoy it anyway. :) Maybe it's personal, but I just love this language, and I'll try to inspire my students with this love and passion to learn.

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Later addition:

WOW! Thank you all for your kind words!

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words! I appreciate it very much.

I'll try to answer in brief, before I go and answer personally to everyone who had written me an email.

Recently I didn't have much time to update the site; but no doubt I will continue and publish more lessons. In my opinion, prices for anything related to studies of Hebrew, other languages, or whatever are outrageous today. And prices are not something that should prevent us from learning Hebrew.

1. This site is free and will stay free forever. No charge. Period.

2. I will publish an article (rather a short series of articles) about numbers in Hebrew. Already working on it. I know this topic is confusing and not that easy to pick up, so I'll do my best to explain it.

3. Yes, I will continue spoken Hebrew lessons too. Absolutely.

4. Reading-and-understanding section will continue either. Although, surprisingly, I didn't find much responses to it.

Thanks again, and I really appreciate your responses. Your kind words is surely my best motivator!

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