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 Modern Hebrew Slang

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Modern Hebrew Slang

O tempora, o mores! Another friend of mine asked me to teach him some Hebrew curses, so he could curse and other people wouldn't think it's something inappropriate.

And this is how it always starts. I couldn't refuse this request; all I thought of is not to make it too inappropriate. At the end I've decided to start with just a rude language, without really bad stuff. This would be enough for the beginning I guess.

I'll put three sections for the beginning - hope it helps.

On the other hand, there is much more in slang than curses, maybe I'll find more time to expand this section.

  • Describing Stupid and Evil People - rude but appropriate
  • All Kinds of "Crap" - moderately inappropriate
  • F-words: completely inappropriate vocabulary (content might be offensive and/or inappropriate for minors.)

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