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This section is addressing those who have just started learning Hebrew from scratch. Meaning, from total zero.

Whatever your reasons for learning Hebrew might be, this page is for you if you don't know what it means "Aleph", "Patach", "Schwa", "Guttoral" consonants, and what's the difference between Daggesh and Tzeireh.

If all this sounds like an total gibberish, this section is for you! You'll be explained about Hebrew letters, what is vocalization, why you need diacritic marks, how you write Hebrew, and so on.

Semitic languages in general and Hebrew in particular have one interesting feature: word structure. Understanding of Hebrew word structure allows you couple of things:

  1. Makes it possible to accumulate Hebrew vocabulary faster
  2. Makes it possible to understand words you haven't even heard or seen before
  3. Makes it possible to even "invent" new words (but be careful with that one).

Same is possible true for Roman or Germanic languages too, but to a less extent.

Another remarkable thing about Hebrew is its ancient (3000 years or so) writing system. In spite of this ancient and barely evolving writing system, on the one hand, and a unusual history of spoken language, on the other hand, written Hebrew doesn't always exactly reflect the modern pronunciation of spoken language.

In our lessons we will use either modern "Mixed" spelling, or classical vocalized spelling (one you can find, e.g. in Hebrew prayer books).

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