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 Say "Hello" and "Goodbye" in Hebrew

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Say "Hello" and "Goodbye" in Hebrew

Let's start from... well, from the beginning. At first let's learn how to say "Hello" and "Goodbye", "Good night" and "Good morning".

Try to memorize the words you learn here, read the little exercise at the end of this page, and try to understand it.


Please, note, that some expressions have two forms: talking to male and female is different in Hebrew.

Shalom Shalom שָׁלוֹם
Good morning
Boker tov
בּוֹקֶר טוֹב

Good evening

(when meeting someone)

`Erev tov
עֶרֶב טוֹב

Good night (When in English you say Goodbye or Sweet dreams)

Layla tov
לַיְלָה טוֹב

How are you doing? (m & f)

Literally: How is your well-being?

Ma shlomkha? (m)

Ma shlomekh? (f)

מַה שׁלוֹמךָ?
מַה שׁלוֹמֵך?

(It's) Ok. It's fine.

Literally: (everything is) in order.


(or Beseider)


It's Ok

(Literally: Everything is in order)

Ha-kol beseder הַכֹּל בְּסֵדֶר
Very well Tov me'od טוֹב מְאוֹד
So-so. Kakha-kakha כָּכָה-כָּכָה
What's yout name? (m and f)

Ma shimkha?

Ma shmekh?

מַה שִׁמךָ?
מַה שׁמֵך?

My name is ... Shmi ...
... שׁמִי

I'm pleased, It's my pleasure

(Literally: "(it's) very pleasant")

Na`im  me'od
נָעִים מְאוֹד
See you later.
Lehitra'ot לְהִתרָאוֹת


Read it several times until you remember the conversation and can use the same expressions fluently.

Write your own conversation, move the phrases around, and write different variations of it. Read it out loudly.

שלום -

?שלום! מה שמך -

.שמי דָוִיד -

נעים מאוד -

?מה שלומך -

.בסדר -

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