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 Modern Hebrew Slang: How to say 'shit' in Hebrew

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Modern Hebrew Slang: How to say 'shit' in Hebrew

All Kinds of Crap - moderately inappropriate

khara חרא
Have to mention, that English expression "Oh, shit!" is not literally translatable to Hebrew -- Israelis use slightly different expressions for disappointment and frustration. The word חרא can be used in other expressions though -- see below.
From the other hand, Israelis (especially yuppies from North Tel-Aviv) might just use the English phrase "Oh, shit!": borrowed through Hollywood movies, it has become quite popular: !או, שיט
We're in deep shit!
(literally: the sutiation is shit)
Ha-matzav - khara המצב - חרא
He's really bad guy.
(literally: He's a shit of a person.)
Hu khara shel ben-adam הוא חרא של בן-אדם
Their food (tastes like) shit. Khara shel okhel yesh lahem חרא של אוכל יש להם
garbage, crap [ zevel ] זבל
really bad person

(As you can see, the words "crap"
and "shit" can be used somewhat
interchangeably, just like in English.)
[ zevel shel ben-adam ] זבל של בן-אדם
Life sucks!
(literally: Life/living in crap)
[ khayim ba-zevel ] חיים בזבל

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