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 Modern Hebrew Slang: How to say 'idiot' in Hebrew

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Modern Hebrew Slang: How to say 'idiot' in Hebrew

Describing Stupid and Evil People - rude but appropriate

So, staying within the boundaries of "moderately inappropriate" vocabulary, we probably should start with definitions of people stupidity. Here is a very gentle one:

silly / stupid (male) -- might be used both as noun or adjective [ tipesh ] טיפש
same thing, but for female [ tipsha ] טיפשה

But this is really not a curse. It's not even rude enough. You might use this word to describe somebody, but it barely can be used for offence or some emotional talk. Let's get something real: it's also "stupid", but more agressive, like "dumb" or "moron". (And I beg you, don't forget the grammar: it's an adjective, and it conjugates by gender and number.)

male, single [ metumtam ] מטומטם
female, single [ metumtemet ] מטומטמת
male, plural [ metumtamim ] מטומטמים
female, plural [ metumtamot ] מטומטמות

Even if you haven't ever studied Hebrew before, you probably can see some sort of pattern here, can't you?

And now some examples:

You are really dumb!
(for male)
Ata mamash metumtam! אתה ממש מטומטם!
You are really dumb!
(for female)
At mamash metumtemet! את ממש מטומטמת!
That was a really
stupid action!
Ze haya ma`ase
metumtam be'emet!
זה היה מעשה
מטומטם באמת!
A completely stupid thought! Makhshava metumtemet
מחשבה מטומטמת
Not funny! Your jokes are
really stupid! (to male)
Lo matzkhik! Ha-bdikhot
shelkha mamash metumtamot!
לא מצחיק! הבדיחות
ממש מטומטמות!
Moron! Metumtam! מטומטם!
Shut up! (for male) Shtok! שתוק!
Shut up! (for female) Classic Hebrew grammar demands the form [ Shitki! ]
The spoken form, however, is [ shteki ]
Shut up, you idiot!
(literally, Shut up, oh idiot!)
Shtok, ya metumtam! שתוק, יא מטומטם!
It's your homework to build female form of the above phrase; whatever this particular page is teaching you, don't forget the Hebrew grammar!
Another remark to the above phrase: the little word יא used in Hebrew slang, is borrowed from Arabic, and can be translated as "O" or just be omitted. What it means is something similar to vocative case, like calling somebody as opposite to just mentioning him or her. [ ya ] יא
Jerk, asshole,
(also borrowed from Arabic, I guess)
[ maniak ] מניאק
Shut up, you asshole! [ shtok, ya maniak! ] שתוק, יא מניאק!
Oh, and old good word idiot is working in Hebrew, too! [ idyot ] אידיוט!

Hmm... if I go in this direction, it will become really inappropriate very soon. Let's stop right here for now, and give more details on stupidity: the language describing it might be quite diverse in any language:

literally: clogged
[ satum ] סתום
literally: screwed
[ dafuk ] דפוק
screwed in the head [ dafuk ba-rosh ] דפוק בראש
totally le-gamrei לגמרי
nonsense, bullshit, stupid things
(note, this word is used in Plural)
[ shtuyot ] שטויות
Shut!  (male) [ stom ] סתום!
Shut your mouth! [ stom ta-pe sh'kha ]
(full version: [ stom et ha-pe shelkha ] )
סתום ת'פה ש'ך!
(סתום את הפה שלך!)
Retard [ debil ] דביל
Another word for "moron" or "idiot",
rather "stupid guy", a little bit obsolete, or
too soft to really be used in the slang.
[ tembel ] טמבל

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