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 Modern Hebrew Slang: some real swearwords, how to say 'fuck' in Hebrew

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Modern Hebrew Slang: some real swearwords, how to say 'fuck' in Hebrew

F-words: completely inappropriate vocabulary

Content might be offensive and/or inappropriate for minors.

It can be even worse than this, but frankly speaking, I'm not ready to go beyond some limits. What we describe on this page is quite bad already.

Let's start with expressions however rude, but still more or less of reasonable usage (even in books etc):

whore, prostitute [ zona ] זונה
Son of a bitch
(literally: son of a whore)

My estimation would be though, in Hebrew
it sounds a bit less appropriate than in English.
[ ben-zona ] בן-זונה
Some as the above, for a female [ bat-zona ] בת-זונה
whore, prostitute (from Arabic) [ sharmuta ] שרמוטה

A lot of Hebrew slang (especially the dirty one) comes from Arabic. You see, the ancient language preserved for centuries in Holy Scriptures didn't have enough swear words and expressions, so they were borrowed from some very down-to-earth languages, like Arabic, some also from Yiddish and Russian.

Fuck your mother!
(literally: your mother's vagina) from Arabic
Watch Natalie Portman saying it on Youtube
[ kus emmak ] כוס אמאכ
Same, but "your mother" appears in Hebraized form [ kus ima shelkha ] כוס אמא שלך
Same as the one above, pronounced with contraction. [ kus imashkha ] כוס אמאש'ך
Your mother! - full version.
Your mother! - version with contraction
(like Yomama! or something):
[ ima shelkha! ]
[ imash'kha! ]
אמא שלך
Fuck your sister!
(literally: your sister's vagina) from Arabic
[ kus okhtak! ] כוס אוחתאכ
This expression doesn't really exist in Arabic (since
the word vagina is not really applicable to males).
However, Israelis use it quite often.
[ kus rabbak! ] כוס רבאכ
Your father should die!
(In`al -- spoken in Hebrew;
in`an -- proper Arabic)
[ in`al abuk! ]
[ in`an abuk! ]
אינעל אבוכ
(אינען אבוכ)
cunt [ kus ] כוס

Here we approach explicitely inappropriate / agressively sexual vocabulary, also known in English as "f-words". While in the previous example we used primarily Arabic vocabulary, in the example below original Hebrew prevails.
dick [ zayin ] זין
to fuck (somebody) [ lezayen ] לזיין
to fuck oneself, or just to fuck [ lehizdayen ] להזדיין
Go fuck yourself! [ lekh tizdayen ] לך תזדיין
Suck my (dick)! M/F [ timtzotz li ]
[ timtzezti li ]
תמצוץ לי
תמצצי לי
Jump on my (dick)! M/F [ tikfotz li / kfotz li ]
[ tikfetzi li ]
תקפוץ לי
תקפצי לי
To not give a shit about something
(literally: to put one's dick on the subject)
[ lasim zayin ] לשים זין
I don't give a fuck!
I've put my dick on it!
[ Samti `al ze zayin! ] שמתי על זה זין
I don't give a fuck about you / him!
(literally: I've put my dick on you / him!)
[ Samti zayin alekha / alav! ] שמתי זין עליך / עליו!
same, without the explicit usage of the word זין,
literally: I've put my circumcised one on it!
[ Samti `al ze katzutz! ] שמתי על זה קצוץ!



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