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 גרדא / גְּרֵדָא / גרידא / גְּרֵידָא / "only, just this" in Hebrew

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גְּרֵידָא , גְּרֵדָא

Reading Walla news, I've suddenly encountered another word I've never met before.

Its meaning is the same as רק or בלבד: only, just this, the only thing.

Dictionaries (like my Even-Shoshan) don't mark any stress in this word, which implicitely means the stress is on the last syllable.

In the spoken languages the stress, as I figured out, is on the syllable before the last (the -ei-.)

Example (from Even-Shoshan): איני מבקש ממך אלא דבר זה גרידא -- I'm asking you (to do) only this thing.

The context where I've found (an article about war between web browsers):

אם התלונה של אופרה היא קנטרנית וזו של מוזילה היא נקמנית, הרי שההצטרפות של גוגל למעגל היא אינטרסנטית גרידא.

Translation: If the complaints of Opera is provocative and that of Mozilla (might be seens as) vengeful (is this a good translation?), but Google is joining purely for business reasons.

I believe couple of words in the above sentence deserve a discussion of their own... :)

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