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 פרוור / פרבר/ "suburbs" in Hebrew: "periphery"

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פרוור, פרבר, аnd periphery

By pure accident, I've seen this spelling in Google: פרוור (full vocalization: פּרַוָר.) I think, I've never seen it beforehand, or maybe it just never drew my attention. Somehow I used to read it "parvar" with the V-sound, but the only spelling I've ever seen was פרבר. I looked at Wikipedia then, and discovered couple of interesting things.

Apparently, the spelling פרבר is supposed to be pronounced "parbar" with B (which makes sense from the perspective of traditional syllable structure etc), full vocalization: פּרַבָּר

In fact, if most common pronunciation is "parvar", then פּרַוָר would definitely make a better spelling.

If this is first time you see this word, it means "suburbs".

In Tanakh though we can find both spellings, and both pronunciations (Chronicles 1, 26:18 for פרבר and Kings 2, 23:11 for פרוור.)

The word is obviously borrowed, and according to Wikipedia, the origin can be tracked to ancient Persian, and consists of two parts: "pari" ("around") and "peri" (to carry), which are relatives of the Greek words περί and φέρω, and that's where the modern word "periphery" comes from, while its meaning is quite close to that of פרוור.

Interesting. I like to discover things related to history, etymology, etc.

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