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 נאחס / "meadow" in Hebrew

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נַחְס , נַאחְס

Slang is the most frequently evolving part of the language, and therefore it's enough to stay away for just couple of years and you start to lose track of it. Somebody brought me this word as mentioned in Hebrew newspaper, in a context of "bad luck". I googled for this word and found the following:

Slang: worse, bad luck

סלנג: רע, גרוע; רֹע מזל.

What a bad luck! I've broken my hand a day before field trip. איזה מזל נחס! יום לפני הטיול שברתי את היד.

From Arabic: نَحْس bad luck, bringing bad luck


מערבית: نَحْس - מזל רע, שמביא צרה.


מעפן - have no idea what it means, and this might be another point to investigate.

מילים נרדפות:


All the information is taken from here.

The interesting part is, that if somebody is using the word "נחת" in its Yiddish pronunciation (like many American Jews are used to say), it would sound "נחס" (naches) - almost like this "נאחס" thingie; that's while the meaning of נחת is most positive and the נאחס is defintely negative. So, do not confuse! :)

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